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Unicorn Validator

Unicorn, W3C’s unified validation service, is live. As someone who has found the W3C html, css and feed validators to be valuable tools in web design, the merging of the three tools into one interface is a terrific step.  With … Continue reading

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If you are involved with the selection or ordering process, then you are very likely to be familiar with searching for items by the International Standard Book Number, or ISBN.  The newer, 13-digit ISBN is actually based on the European … Continue reading

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XML in Libraries

Eric Leese Morgan has updated his workshop notes for XML in Libraries : A Workshop.  This is as good an overview of XML for library staff as I have seen anywhere. found via Catalogablog

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APML stands for Attention Profiling Markup Language.  Its purpose is to permit a standardized way to gather and transfer your interests from site to site across the web.  It is built using XML, and is definitely a new technology that … Continue reading

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Tim Berners-Lee and DataPortability

In a long interview on the state of the semantic web, Tim Berners-Lee (if you don’t recognize the name, you should really read this) briefly discussed DataPortability, the ability to move information freely and easily from one site to another: … Continue reading

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(Note regarding this post:  When you read this post, be sure to read the comments as well.  I did not state my case as well as I should, and end up sounding as though I don’t feel that LibGuides has as much value for libraries as … Continue reading

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eTools.ch is a search engine with a couple of interesting twists… It is a meta-search engine, meaning it doesn’t do its own crawling and indexing of web pages, it sends your search to 10 other search engines, then sorts the … Continue reading

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OpenDocument.XML.org is, as the name might suggest, a website devoted to the new standard document file format. These formats have been making news over the past year or so because of the issue of archiving data files and having the … Continue reading

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