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The Importance of Taking Breaks

Most people are viewing this with an eye towards the Dewey Decimal System, but what I see is the importance of taking regular breaks: found on The Cataloguing Librarian

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How to make a book by folding and cutting

Eric Leese Morgan demonstrates how to quickly make a 12-page book by making a few cuts in the pages and fitting them together:  About ten years ago I created about 20 handmade books of about 25 pages each.  I … Continue reading

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Library 101

The Library 101 video debuted today at the Internet Librarian conference.  Created by Michael Porter (a.k.a. Libraryman) and David Lee King, the video is a foot-tapping, library-rocking tour-de-force.  Clear the next eight minutes in your schedule, put on some headphones, … Continue reading

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What is the future of the library?

What is the future of the library? is a video that presents the library as a solution to the digitial divide, providing access and empowerment to those who otherwise would not have the access or the ability to effectively utilize … Continue reading

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Use It or Lose It

The Center for Social Media at American University’s School of Communication has a PDF guide available for download titled Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video. To both illustrate and promote the practices, they have just released … Continue reading

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MathTV is a collection of video tutorials, ranging from basic mathematical concepts to complex calculus applications, meant to assist students by providing a demonstration of how to work a type of problem. This is a great resource for anyone needing … Continue reading

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16mm Films on AV Geeks

Remember those 16mm films from your school days?  Well, at least some of them have been saved from dumpsters and archived on the A/V Geeks website for online viewing.  As a former high school A/V Geek myself, this warms my … Continue reading

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Obama at ALA 2005

Many people have a memory of the moment they realized that Barack Obama was likely to become president.  For some, the moment came during the primaries, perhaps when they heard the speech he gave after the New Hampshire primary. Others, … Continue reading

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