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Ohio on iTunes U

The State of Ohio has launched an iTunes site that is designed “to share educational resources, professional development materials, and student videos which have been produced by members of higher education, the K-12 community, and community partners free of charge … Continue reading

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Open Source Documentation

One of the more frustrating things about open source software is the fact that many projects have little-to-no documentation.  William Shields, a software developer from Australia, posts about his experiences and concludes that he isn’t going to patronize projects that … Continue reading

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DIY Book Scanner

I enjoy building things, especially if there is a “let’s see what we can find to make this work” factor involved. With that in mind, it should be obvious why Building a High Speed Scanner from Trash and Cheap Cameras … Continue reading

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MathTV is a collection of video tutorials, ranging from basic mathematical concepts to complex calculus applications, meant to assist students by providing a demonstration of how to work a type of problem. This is a great resource for anyone needing … Continue reading

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Free Open Courseware Open Source Classes

100 Free Open Courseware Classes About Open Source Everything is a post on the BSchool.com Blog.  Their list is quite comprehensive, with something for just about anyone. In addition, the blog has a thing for “100 Free…” lists, from resource … Continue reading

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