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IMSLP Petrucci Music Library

I’ve been on a project at work that involves tracking down information on some music scores, and have encountered a fantastic resource, the IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library. On this mediawiki-based site resides more than 72,000 scores representing over 29,000 works by … Continue reading

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Public Domain Manifesto

The Public Domain Manifesto is an effort to describe the strengths of public domain, and to encourage support. Some of the general principles: The Public Domain is the rule, copyright protection is the exception. Copyright protection should last only as … Continue reading

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Copyfraud – Poisoning the Public Domain

Copyfraud : Poisoning the Public Domain is an introduction to some of the ways that content providers (websites, publishers, etc.) abuse copyright protections when they use public domain materials.  A couple of minor points, however: The act of assigning a … Continue reading

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Confusing Assistance with Performance

Amazon.com has given in to the Publisher’s Guild on the issue of text-to-speech capabilities in the Kindle 2. In their press release, Amazon states up front that “Kindle 2’s experimental text-to-speech feature is legal: no copy is made, no derivative … Continue reading

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International Music Score Library Project

The International Music Score Library Project is a great concept:  a collection of public domain musical scores made freely available to musicians, composers, and everyone else as well! Note also that the site was built using MediaWiki software. found via … Continue reading

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