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How to Respond to Bad Press, continued

In a post a few days ago I referred to a letter written by Mary A. Dempsey, Commissioner for the Chicago Public Library, as a response to a Fox Chicago News story that asked Are Libraries Necessary, or a Waste … Continue reading

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Open Source ILS Glossary

Earlier this month, Equinox Software‘s Bob Molyneux posted an Open Source ILS Glossary in Pdf format.  It is a great overview of the concepts and environment of the current open source library software environment. Today Bob posted an updated version … Continue reading

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NASA Needs A Library Solution (But So Do Libraries)

In a merging of two of my great interests, NASA has issued a Request For Information (ROI) on how best to “analyze and catalog notes from spaceflight pioneer Wernher von Braun into an electronic, searchable database or other system.“ At … Continue reading

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Issuu PDF Publisher

Issuu (not a typo) is a new PDF web publishing service, and it is a very good service.  You can upload a document in PDF format, and Issuu presents it in a reader that is both intuitive and easy to … Continue reading

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Joy of Computing Cookbook

The Joy of Computing Cookbook (pdf) comes from the excellent MaintainIT Project, and is an excellent resource for smaller, rural libraries who are trying to manage their technology within confined budgets and tightened schedules. Like the MaintainIT project, the project … Continue reading

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What is Web 2.0?

I am not a big fan of the term, but What is Web 2.0? (pdf) details the ideas and technologies that I do support for libraries and many individuals. I especially like their six “Big Ideas behind Web 2.0”: Individual … Continue reading

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