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We are but warriors for the working-day…

Bullet Point : “We live in Shakespearean Times” is an older post on Virtual Dave… Real Blog aimed squarely at librarians, but I think it may apply even more to support staff, as we are in even less of a … Continue reading

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6 Small Things

6 Small Things You Can Do When You Lack Discipline is a post on the zenhabits blog which addresses the stress we go through as we try to accomplish projects and achieve goals. I like that he stresses that discipline … Continue reading

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Monopolies, Libraries, and Challenges

A somewhat rambling essay, but one that is important nonetheless: Joe Wilcox has posted an interesting essay at Microsoft Watch regarding Google’s merger with DoubleClick, the internet advertising company.  I strongly disagree with some of his interpretations (he tries to … Continue reading

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The Really Modern Library

The Really Modern Library is a project undertaken by the Institute for the Future of the Book.  They are soliciting comments from all quarters, and holding meetings in Los Angeles, London, and New York, in order to define how our … Continue reading

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Writing, and finding time

Writing at Five Miles per Hour is a post by the always interesting Karen G. Schneider. Reading it makes me feel as though I have been given a glimpse at a piece of my future. Let me explain: in writing, … Continue reading

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Projects and Time Management

No brand new flashy sites in this post; just a small collection of links on how one deals with the demands of time, projects and learning: Big or Small? — Jen Riley at the Indiana University Digital Library Program has … Continue reading

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