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One Possible OCLC Solution

I am going to be very presumptuous and put forth a possible solution to the OCLC situation. Ready? Divide OCLC in two. One entity, which we will call OCLC.org (just to keep from having to make up some name for … Continue reading

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PictureIt Rare Book Reader

The University of Michigan has unveiled the PictureIt Rare Book Reader, an on-screen reader that is similar to others that I have seen, but faster, smoother, and simply beautiful to see and use. The first book available online is volume … Continue reading

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Copyfraud – Poisoning the Public Domain

Copyfraud : Poisoning the Public Domain is an introduction to some of the ways that content providers (websites, publishers, etc.) abuse copyright protections when they use public domain materials.  A couple of minor points, however: The act of assigning a … Continue reading

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Useful Lists to Browse

This post will contain just a couple of links, but there is a wealth of information on the other end of each: 101 Great Free Sites and Downloads You’ve Probably Never Heard Of has been put together by PC World.  … Continue reading

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Putting some CC into your RSS

Great post over at RSS4Lib about placing Creative Commons licensing information into your RSS feed.  This is a fantastic idea because the entire purpose of RSS is to let others have control over how they receive your content.  This allows … Continue reading

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Creative Commons Upheld

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has upheld (pdf) the Creative Commons License as valid, as well as establishing its relationship to copyright law.  Basically, if someone uses a work in violation of a Creative Commons … Continue reading

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