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The Scope of the Illinois Crisis

The New York Times is running an article in today’s edition that highlights just how poorly the state budget in Illinois has been managed: Payback Time : Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can’t Stop Digging Hole The article doesn’t … Continue reading

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Catch-22 Terms of Service

Apple pulled a newsreader called Pulse from their App Store yesterday after the New York Times sent a letter saying that the application violated their terms of service. The issue seems to revolve around the fact that Pulse is a … Continue reading

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I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a library today…

Another method of dealing with fiscal woes is beginning to impact library organizations. My former state of residence, Illinois, has always for years run several months behind in payments to state-funded organizations.  I know this from keeping an eye on … Continue reading

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The 7-per-cent Self-Checkout Solution

The Kirkendall Public Library in Ankeny, Iowa wanted to install a self-checkout system.  The $23,000 price tag meant that, at best, they would need to wait until they could raise the money to purchase the system. Eric Melton, circulation librarian … Continue reading

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An Argument for Free High Speed Internet

As the economy continues to remain weak and budgets tighten for public libraries, here is a study that should encourage any community of the value of high speed internet access via their libraries: Internet Use and Job Search (pdf) In … Continue reading

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