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New Hybrid ILS Front End

A regional group of public libraries in Antwerp, Belgium have announced a new hybrid OPAC for their library software. They have merged WordPress with AquaBrowser to create a web presence with the capabilities they felt were most important for their … Continue reading

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InfoToday Article on Lawsuit

InfoToday has posted a very good overview of the SkyRiver/III/OCLC suit on their website, written by Edward M. Corrado, who also blogs at http://blog.ecorrado.us (I have quoted him on this blog several times, and follow his posts closely). My post … Continue reading

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Political Dictionary

Political Dictionary is one of those resources to make a note about, as it contains words and phrases unique to the political environment without being politically charged in defining them. Interesting terms include: Full Ginsberg Mugwumps Recess Appointment Vote-a-rama

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If you were thinking about buying a magazine or two…

Publishers Weekly is reporting that not only are they up for sale by their publisher, Reed Business Information, but that Library Journal and School Library Journal are available as well. Without knowing the cost/profit information for each of these, I … Continue reading

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Awful Library Books

You know it, even if you don’t admit it… your library has books that should have been weeded years ago, but have hung around until they become anachronistically funny.  To give you an anonymous outlet for this outlandish situation, there … Continue reading

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Shorpy Photo Archive

Shorpy is a collection of photographs presented using a blog, but it is an especially captivating collection.  A combination of historical photographs, found images, and personal/family photos, there is rarely an entry that doesn’t hold some interest for the viewer. … Continue reading

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One in Twenty

Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest is a New York Times article about blogging, specifically about the study showing an estimated 95% of blogs have not been updated in over 4 months. Does this signal an end to blogging?  The … Continue reading

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New Theme

Not a huge deal, but I just changed the theme of this blog to slight, which was created by Thematology. There are several reasons for this change, including: Wanting a theme that would fit better with the Libology logo (forthcoming) … Continue reading

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Death of a Blog

Not the death of this blog, but of the ending of The Patry Copyright Blog, which has been consistently informative, educational, and timely.  I truly hope that William Patry returns to blogging at some point, as I can only guess … Continue reading

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Changes and more Change

In the time it has taken to transfer the domain, I have been thinking about the blog, especially what its focus is and will likely be. I am, as of three minutes ago, changing the name of the blog from … Continue reading

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