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How to Respond to Bad Press, continued

In a post a few days ago I referred to a letter written by Mary A. Dempsey, Commissioner for the Chicago Public Library, as a response to a Fox Chicago News story that asked Are Libraries Necessary, or a Waste … Continue reading

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Publisher Confidential

Publisher Confidential is a creation by the Unshelved crew that strives to convey to publishers what libraries wish they would know.  It consists of brief statements illustrated with the familiar Mallville Public Library staff.  The booklet is being distributed to … Continue reading

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Christmas Delivery

So you are an author.  You check your book’s entry on Amazon.com.  You see a review.  It is not good.  Someone bought a copy of your book and it was flawed.  You want to make it right. What do you … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Unfair Use Lexicon

TeleRead has an excellent post dissecting the recent ruling against the author of the Harry Potter Lexicon.  It examines the Fair Use aspects of copyright as they apply to this particular case. via LISNews

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Announcing Scriblio on Libology

Libology’s Scriblio installation. Scriblio, the open-source Library OPAC that runs on a WordPress installation, has been installed on Libology.  Several notes about this software installation: The library catalog contained within this installation of Scriblio is Capital University’s, located in Columbus, … Continue reading

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Speed Writing

A couple of years ago I encountered some type of advertisement for a particular book. I don’t recall what the exact title was, but it was something along the lines of “The 2004 Outlook for Thingamajiggers in the United States.” … Continue reading

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isbndb.com is one of several websites that allow you to search for books by isbn, as well as the usual title/author/keyword searching.  Give it a try:  grab a nearby book (if you are like me, there are quite a few … Continue reading

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BookTour is a new web site devoted to author readings, signings, etc.  It is very flexible, allowing you to search by author, area, and book.  It allows you to browse by genre, and even provides a link on the authors … Continue reading

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Copyright Jungle

Siva Vaidhyanathan, author of Copywrongs and The Anarchist in the Library, has an essay in the current Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), titled Copyright Jungle. You should read it. I don’t think things are quite as bleak as he portrays (I … Continue reading

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Beyond Freakonomics

Interested in a one-hour Princeton lecture by Steven Levitt, author of Freakonomics?  Here you go!  (you may want to save the .asx file to your desktop, then play it from there). from ResourceShelf

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Advanced Searching on WorldCat.org

WorldCat.org has added an Advanced Search page, allowing the user to search by Title, Author, ISBN, OCLC, Language, Format or Publication Date.  This ought to be helpful when searching for items with commonly used words.

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