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Libraries as Business Incubators

Public Libraries as Business Incubators is an article in PC World suggesting that libraries could provide a service to their communities by serving as a connection to resources that small businesses might need and/or provide to other small businesses.  This … Continue reading

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World eBook Fair

The World eBook Fair begins this Saturday, July 4th, coinciding with Project Gutenberg‘s 39th anniversary. To celebrate, the World eBook Fair members are providing free access to over two million books between July 4th and August 4th. found via ResourceShelf

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American Libraries on Ohio Funding

The American Libraries article is just one of many to explain the issues facing Ohio, but I found the following information worth posting: Strickland’s office was also flooded with phone calls; gubernatorial spokesperson Amanda Wurst said in the June 23 … Continue reading

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Save Ohio Libraries

Odds and Ends: Save Ohio Libraries is the rallying cry as well as the focus of this week’s activities. The Save Ohio Libraries Facebook page is rapidly approaching 12,000 members (and has gone from 11,543 to 11,768 as I have … Continue reading

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It was twenty years ago today…

Sir Tim Berner-Lee started what is now known as the World Wide Web exactly twenty years ago. In this posted video from Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) 2009, he discusses how it started, where we are, and where we might be … Continue reading

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National Library Workers Day

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is National Library Workers Day, and everyone should take a moment today (before the rush) and think about those who make libraries better by the quality of both their attitude and the work they do. Have someone in … Continue reading

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