Register to Vote on Libology

The Democratic National Committee recently released code that allows websites to offer streamlined voter registration pages through a Ruby on Rails interface.  The Obama campaign quickly modified that code to make it even easier to embed in nearly any website. FYI: I did have to put in a closing tag at the end of the iframe code: otherwise most of the page wouldn’t load.

These voter registration apps are meant for everyone, regardless of their political leanings or state of residence.  If your state has online registration available, you will be directed to the appropriate form.  If not, a pre-filled PDF will be generated for you to sign and submit.

There is no reason for any library not to add this to their site… the more people who vote, the greater the chance that their desires will be reflected in all levels of government.

One result of this is that you can now register to vote via the Libology Blog.

Note: does not retain any of the information gathered by this application

(The registration app is no longer active, and has been removed from

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