Librarians are Awesome

Wil Wheaton is remembered mostly for either his acting role in Stand By Me, or for his acting role as Wesley Crusher in the first four seasons of Star Trek : The Next Generation.

He is, however, involved in many other activities, including writing books, playing tournament poker, and blogging.  One of his recent posts involved a fantastic librarian inspiration:

“I don’t remember her name, but I do remember that she was in her fifties, wore epic 1970s polyester pantsuits, huge glasses that hung from a long gold chain around her neck, and had a hairdo that was ten miles high. She was friendly and helpful, and when she reached out to that nerdy little kid, she changed his life.”

Actually, his story is similar to my own, except I remember the name of my librarian:  Mrs. Peters.

There are thousands of stories like this, and it is as good to remember our own, as it is to remember that  we have the chance to encourage the <ahem> next generation of readers in their search for inspiration.

thanks to Joan Kendall-Sperry for posting the link!

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