How to Create and Run Your Website

The San Jose Public Library has launched their new website.

It has a clean design, with clear indications of how to find the information being sought.  But what really got my attention was the relationship of the library staff to the content of the site:

Our New Website Launch

  • “Every single staff member at SJPL has been asked and empowered to create blog posts for the new site.”  The number of staff is greater than 300!
  • “Content is not pre-moderated by any web staff.”  This includes the blog posts mentioned above, as well as comments from site visitors.

This is a library that is confident in the abilities and judgement of their staff, and secure enough to trust the feedback from their community.  No compartmentalization; no review process.  If you have something valid to say, get it out there.

Very refreshing, and I suspect that they will find that the flow of information will be beneficial for all involved.

found via Shelf Check (with its own review of the site)

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