Five Laws of Library Science (Ebook edition)

Andy Woodworth has printed an update of Ranganathan’s Five Laws, only how they relate to Ebooks:

Five Laws of Library Science (Ebook edition)

  1. Ebooks are for use.
  2. Every reader his or her ebook.
  3. Every book, any ereader.
  4. Save the time of the ereader patron.
  5. The library is an evolving organism.

See Andy’s post for his full details, but these are a great reminder that the more things change, the more we have to remember our fundamental principles.

found via LisNews

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  1. Akea Wiseman says:

    The five laws of R.S. Ranganathan is wonderful when building the library’s collection, every library should be aware of this. whether you are selecting the library materials or the tools use in the selection of the materials, the laws will always come in handy.

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