Four Years Later…

It was on July 6, 2006 that I set this blog in motion.  Originally named The Blog, this is the 881st post, and by one metric* gets an average of over 200 page views per day.

I began this project with two ideas in mind:

  1. To collect and annotate links to sites, articles and such that related to libraries and/or technology.  This allowed an easy way to gather and share this information via the web.
  2. To provide commentary on topics that I find interesting and worth of note.  This would include brief commentary within the annotation listed above, but would also involve the creation of essays that weren’t responding to a particular link.

I have mostly succeed in the first; time and energy limitations have made it tougher to meet my expectations of the second.  It is the commentary that I want to focus on, and I hope to make it more prominent.  It is, I feel, of greater use and importance, as well as permanence, since many of the links from the earlier posts are now “dead”.  The commentary, for the most part, still rings true to me.

If you are a regular reader, thank you for your continued interest.  I hope to continue developing my “voice”, as well as expanding my own knowledge and understanding of the crossroads of Library, Technology, and Ideas.

* I tend not to trust stats, but this seems to be a reasonable number.

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One Response to Four Years Later…

  1. Paul Mills says:

    Congrats on reaching this milestone! I enjoy your blog and look forward to more years of blogging from you.

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