Open Source ILS Glossary

Earlier this month, Equinox Software‘s Bob Molyneux posted an Open Source ILS Glossary in Pdf format.  It is a great overview of the concepts and environment of the current open source library software environment.

Today Bob posted an updated version in HTML format.

…and while I was tracking down the link for the original Pdf version, I discovered a guide designed for libraries considering the move to an open source ILS:

Things to Think About for a new Evergreen Library Consortium

It contains quite a few thought-provoking questions designed to make libraries evaluate their policies, structure, technological abilities, and other elements that for most libraries have developed over a period of years/decades, usually in response to environmental pressures that may or may not still exist.

I think that utilizing this essay as a mental self-evaluation of our own organization could be quite beneficial, even if there isn’t an ILS change being considered.

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