Libology has upgraded to WordPress 3.0, which is a significant jump ahead in standards and features.  One of the most interesting, for me, will be support for HTML 5.

I have also switched to the Twenty-Ten theme, as it is one of the best WordPress themes I have seen in a while.  It is clean, meets standards, and is meant to be the foundation for building on the new features and support in the software.

I may have to play with some of the widget code, as the blog is no longer standardscompliant.  I suspect that this is mostly due to widgets, and that I need to find updates or update them myself (the joy of open source is that you can fix it yourself!)

The header image is my own, taken tonight when I realized that I should put something original into that space.  Nothing like a few books in a library blog, eh?

Bear with me in the near future, as I begin to see what can be done in this space.  And, as it turns out, what cannot be done… as the Tagaroo Tags won’t work correctly for this post.  It might be a fun few weeks…

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