Public Domain Manifesto

The Public Domain Manifesto is an effort to describe the strengths of public domain, and to encourage support.

Some of the general principles:

  • The Public Domain is the rule, copyright protection is the exception.
  • Copyright protection should last only as long as necessary to achieve a reasonable compromise between protecting and rewarding the author for his intellectual labour and safeguarding the public interest in the dissemination of culture and knowledge.
  • What is in the Public Domain must remain in the Public Domain.
  • The lawful user of a digital copy of a Public Domain work should be free to (re-)use, copy and modify such work.
  • Contracts or technical protection measures that restrict access to and re-use of Public Domain works must not be enforced.

I recommend that you review the manifesto, and if you agree with it, show your support by signing it.

found via Open Source Initiative

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