Inspirational Library-related StoryCorps

This morning I heard one of the most inspirational library-related stories I have encountered.  It was a StoryCorps segment on NPR’s Morning Edition radio program, and I feel that everyone who works in libraries should listen to it, if only to remind us of the power we have to transform lives.  Follow the link, and then follow the “Listen to the Story” link before reading the article:

Boy Lifts Book, Librarian Changes Boy’s Life

Note that the librarian didn’t follow the rules; she understood what he was doing and why, and then went out of her way to encourage the love of reading in someone who was under tremendous peer pressure to avoid it.  Recognizing those situations where allowing something negative to happen in order for an even greater positive to occur is challenging.  I hope I don’t let too many of those slip past me in life; the opportunities are fewer than we think, but all around us if we look.

p.s. As inspiring as this story is, it is not the most inspiring StoryCorp segment I have heard.  I recommend you dig through their archive and experience the power of oral tradition.

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