Center for History and New Media

I have been aware of the Center for History and New Media for quite some time (even posted a link here), but only recently did I take a look at their site beyond the work they do with Zotero.  I was surprised, in a very good way, at all of the resources they have available:

  • Zotero – One of the best Firefox add-ons available, this should be taught to every college freshman as an aid to research.
  • Omeka – Designed as a platform to create online exhibits and collections, this tool appears to be a great option for digital collection projects.
  • ScholarPress – A collection of WordPress add-ons geared towards educational use, including Courseware, which offers an array of tools for instructors to connect with their students (although it would serve well for library instruction, I suspect).
  • Syllabus Finder – Nearly two million syllabi can be searched and viewed through this site.
  • ECHO – a directory of over 5,000 websites “concerning the history of science, technology, and industry.”

These are just a portion of the resources under their Research + Tools tab.  When you consider their offerings under the Teaching + Learning and Collecting + Exhibiting tabs as well, you can see that it would take hours to properly sample the useful items in this site.  Take some time to see what they can offer to help your projects.

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